Re-entering, Re-connecting

The time has finally come to begin the process of re-introducing live, in-person singing events. This will be a slow re-entry process, and there will be an abundance of caution as we move forward. Please read my Guidelines for Singing Together for more details.

In addition to in-person singing, we'll continue to have online singing events. If there's one positive thing the Pandemic did for us, it was create the ability for us to connect and sing together over great distances. This will continue going forward. 

I'm looking forward to singing with all of you, whether in-person, or online.

"Our singing session is one of the highlights of my week. It always leaves me feeling, connected, uplifted and peaceful. Just because it's online doesn't diminish its impact." 
— V.R. Voice Circle member 


Welcome to Voice Circle Colorado

We're all about community...

Singing is just the beginning

We believe that singing is everyone's birthright.

We believe having a safe place to play with our voices is the best form of therapy.

We believe singing stimulates our creativity, and makes us feel a part of something bigger than our individual selves.

We believe in creating something beautiful together -- the most beautiful thing we create is joy. 

Circles & Classes

Singing Journey Meditation Online

Relax & Release

A contemplative singing and sounding practice used for stress relief, mindfulness, and deep relaxation. All voices are welcome.

Circle Singing Online

Spontaneous Song

Circle Singing is a bit like a drum circle for voices. Leaders create songs in the moment and teach them orally to the circle. All voices are welcome. 

Singing For Everyone

Voice Circle singalong & improv classes

A community singing gathering, Beautiful, simple, uplifting songs, taught orally, call & response. 

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