Connection at a distance

I won't lie to you. This past week hasn't been easy for me. After being at a deeply moving workshop with my mentor, Rhiannon, learning so many new things to share with all of you, flying back into this surreal state of affairs through me for a loop. 

As someone whose mission revolves around face-to-face connection, the concept of "distancing" has had me spiraling through the stages of grief — Shock, Denial, Pain, Anger, Bargaining, Depression, Acceptance, (rinse, repeat). 

Still, I'm hopeful. My focus now is to land in Acceptance, or at least spend more of my time there, and to figure out ways to help our community to the same. 

We know that physical distancing is crucial right now to help slow the spread of this virus. We also know that stress/anxiety/fear can be a drain on our body's immune response. 

And we know, scientifically, that social connection and friendly, face-to-face interaction helps down-regulate our fear response. Likewise, we know that singing, among other things, is a powerful way to up-regulate the body chemistry that promotes physical and mental wellbeing. 

So how can we connect in this time of physical distancing? How can we sing together, how can we stay in a positive mindset? I've been working with other singers and song leaders to figure out the details, the best practices, the best ways to connect with each remotely with music. 

To that end, Here are some things I'll be offering in the days/weeks ahead include: 

• Virtual Choir Singalongs via Zoom 
• Singing Meditations via Facebook Live 
• Collaborating via apps such as Acapella and Loopy HD for games of "Improv Tag." 

I have also started a Facebook Group for Voice Circle Colorado. If you're on Facebook, I encourage you to join that facebook group. (Note, this is different than the Circle Singing Denver Facebook page.) This group is where any Facebook Live events I present will happen; If you join this group, you'll get notifications when they do. I will also use this group to post announcements about other virtual singing events that I hear about. 

Click here to join the Voice Circle Colorado Facebook Group 

Also, if you haven't already, become a member of the Voice Circle Colorado Meetup page. All public events will be posted there as well. 

Above all else, PLEASE KEEP SINGING. Sing along with the radio. Sing with your family. Sing to yourself. Sing to your pets. Singing has kept me sane these past few days. It's what has allowed me to shift from shock, to acceptance, and even into gratitude and hope. 

This too shall pass, and my hope is that this experience will help us realize as a society what is truly important in our world. I'm holding on to the vision that we will emerge from this trial stronger, kinder, more empathetic, and more connected as a society. 

Much Love and Harmony to all of you...