I'm writing this after my fourth singing gathering via Zoom today (Monday evening). So, including my morning practice, and goofing around in my studio after dinner, I think I maybe logged 7-8 hours of singing today. 

And I feel... High as a kite. Energized. Calm. Happy. Positive. Peaceful. 

I decided recently that my day should always start with singing. So lately, it looks something like this: Get out of bed, maybe make some coffee, then go straight to the studio. Start with some long tones, some vocal warmups, some chanting, maybe some technique drills, some looper practice, some free improvisation. I let the music take me. I surrender to the song before I start trying to direct my day. 

What I'm finding is that even a few minutes of some type of singing practice sets a positive tone (pun intended) for the rest of the day. The more I do, the better I feel, the smoother the day seems to flow. 

Contrast that to the days when I wake up and immediately check my phone, log on to facebook, check the news, etc. I do still have those days, and those days tend to have a decidedly different tone, and usually not a pleasant one. 

On the days that start off singing, I still eventually check my phone, log in to facebook, check the news, etc., but somehow it doesn't effect me the same way. Somehow it's easier for me to reflect, evaluate, even respond, and not fall into the abyss of despair. 

It's been a powerful illustration about self-care. How making it a priority to nourish myself first really makes a difference in how my day unfolds, in how I deal with life. 

And daily practice aside, the thing I'm finding most nourishing these days is singing with other people online. Granted, this past spring, when everything had to move online, I was disappointed, even depressed, grieving what seem like a huge loss. 

But I've since come to understand that it's merely a shift. I've found that the energetic connection is still powerful, even when we can't be singing in the same room. And I'm more and more grateful every day that we have the platforms and the technology to connect and sing together, literally across the globe. 

So what's my point? Only to say this: The music is still alive. The connection is still real. The results are still palpable. I truly encourage you to keep singing. It's powerful nourishment for the body and soul. 

Love & Harmony,