Singing Journey Meditation

Thank you so much for last night's musical experience. I got off the call feeling absolutely transported, relaxed....It was incredible medicine for my soul.” - L.E, Singing Meditator

Circle Singing

Spontaneous Song!

Every Fourth Saturday on Zoom

What it Circle Singing? Circle Singing is a community singing and sounding practice, spontaneous and evolving — like a drum circle for voices.

Based on practices developed by Bobby McFerrin and his collaborators, Circle Singing is a supportive, judgment-free space to play with your voice. Leaders create songs in the moment — patterns, percussive sounds, rhythms, harmonies, melodies, recognizable words, or invented language — and teach the parts orally to the rest of the group. The parts layer together into completely original compositions, each song a unique creation, never sung before, never to be sung again.

It's a very organic, playful, community singing experience. All voices are welcome! 

How does that work online? Modern technology! Leaders use voice-looping devices to create layered songs live in the moment. You can sing along to the parts, harmonize, create your own parts, improvise solos on your own, dance, move and clap along.

We also play some interactive vocal improv games, for those who want to dive in deeper. You can participate to your level of comfort, or simply witness.

Pre-register by clicking the button below. Upon registration, you'll receive an email with the link to the Zoom meeting. 

Every Fourth Saturday
3:00 — 4:30 p.m. MDT

Singing for Everyone — Voice Circle Online

Voice Circle Chorus

Harmony, Fun & Community

At this weekly singalong we learn and sing simple, beautiful songs from around the world. All songs are taught orally, call and response style, with no sheet music. No experience necessary, and all voices are welcome! 

TUESDAYS, 7:00 — 8:00 p.m.  |  Online via Zoom

Next six-week session starts May 4th. 

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Vocal Improv for Everyone - Online Workshop

This class will explore simple, powerful, musical practices to open the voice and re-program the brain. We'll use vocal improvisation to help us learn to let go of self-judgment, open our intuitive mind, and allow our creative, playful selves to emerge.


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Workshops and Classes

Singing for Self-Care

two-part workshop via Swallow Hill Music

Our most powerful tool for self-care is one we carry with us all the time — our own voice.

During this two-part workshop series, we'll use our voices to release stress, reduce anxiety, promote mental well-being, and enhance creative intuition.

We'll learn and practice toning, non-religious chanting, mantra, vocal meditation, and improvisational singing for tension release. We'll explore self-soothing and self-healing techniques using sound and vibration.

Because this is an online workshop, students will be able to explore these vocal practices from the privacy of their own home. No singing or meditation experience is necessary. All voices are welcome.

Next workshop dates TBA

Singing & Dancing Your Authentic Self

Improvisational Voice and Movement Workshop 
with Amy Biondo and Roy Willey


Learn the practice of Contemplative Voice and Movement, an improvisational singing and moving meditation, and discover and celebrate your own authentic voice and movement as you practice over a “sound bed” of layered vocals created in the moment by Roy and Amy. The practice of sustained, improvisational singing and moving not only calms the nervous system, it grounds us in the present moment and connects us to our creative, intuitive selves. 

In this workshop, you'll explore all of these practices from the comfort and privacy of your own home. All voices welcome, no prior experience necessary. 

Loopers & Looping

Boss RC-505 Loop Station

Basic & Advanced Workshops

The Boss RC-505 is the industry standard loop station for Vocalists and Beatboxers. Two online workshops will help you get up to speed or dive deep into Live Looping technique. 


Loopy HD App

workshop & classes

This powerful App for iPhone and iPad is a great way to practice improvisation, build your looping skills, and even perform or lead songs live. Check out these two offerings to Loopy: