The Sound of Love

A few years back, for Valentine's Day, I bought my Sweetie and myself a matching set of "Love Tuners." You've probably seen it hanging around my neck, (and you might've even seen me use it from time to time to check a pitch). It's a small, whistle-like instrument, tuned to the frequency of exactly 528 Hertz, which many believe to be the frequency at which Love itself vibrates.  

The idea is, you play the tone repeatedly as a meditation, which sends the frequency of Love vibrating through your body, promoting calm, wellbeing, and (according to some), even healing the structure of your DNA. (There's quite a bit about the 528 Hz frequency on the internet if you're interested.)  

Is 528 Hz really the sound of love? I don't know. But I do believe Love has a vibration, and I believe that Love's vibration exists within music. I know I feel it whenever music sends chills of joy through my body. I feel it whenever we're singing together and the harmony we're creating brings tears to my eyes. I feel it whenever we're inventing music together and our voices and minds seem to connect in the act of creation.  

I believe music — and its vibration of Love — is most powerful when we're creating it together. I believe it connects us, bridging our apparent differences, making those differences seem insignificant. I believe music has the power to unite us, and that's what keeps me coming back for more. 

Wishing all of you a Happy Love Day...  

Peace & Harmony,