Improv For Everyone Registration

Online Workshop — Thursday April 1st

6:00 - 7:30 p.m. MST, Online Via Zoom

This workshop will explore simple, powerful, musical practices to open the voice and re-program the brain. We'll use vocal improvisation to help us learn to let go of self-judgment, open our intuitive mind, and allow our creative, playful selves to emerge. 

Why Improvisation? Not only is it fun and relaxing, the practice of improvisation helps strengthen the parts of our brain that foster creativity, adaptability, mindfulness, focus, self-confidence, generosity, empathy, forgiveness, and playfulness.  

Who should join? This class is open to anyone, regardless of prior musical experience or perceived musical ability.  

What will we do? We'll explore improvisational singing games that require no musical background or music theory knowledge. Some of these activities will be simply following along (muted) at home. Some will be interactive, where we'll sing together in groups, pairs or trios.  

What if I'm shy? We believe singing is everyone's birthright. Voice Circle is a safe, judgement-free zone to explore this powerful, playful practice. Participation in any activity is optional, though strongly encouraged. The deepest part of this practice is allowing ourselves to step out of our comfort zone to play with others in a supportive, community atmosphere. Doing so builds self-confidence, empathy, and connection with others. 

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